Closing to Queries

  I will be closing to unsolicited queries September 1, 2016. I will still consider queries and submissions from contests, pitches, and conferences. If you were planning on querying, just hold off, polish that fabulous manuscript a little longer, check back here and the Corvisiero Literary Agency website for updates, and when I reopen query […]

Read, Read, and Read Some More

What’s on the iPod – Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars You’ve probably heard it a million times, from best-selling authors like Stephen King to Judy Blume to George R.R. Martin. Above all the other pieces of advice they give to writers, it’s this: READ, and read widely. Today, I’m going to tell you why this really is […]

Conference Season

What’s on the iPod – Congregation by the Foo Fighters Today’s long over due post was sparked after a Twitter conversation with my author-buddy Erica Rodgers after I retweeted fellow Corvisiero Agent Sara Negovetich’s blog post (HERE) about professionalism in querying. Tis the season for Conferences. In fact, Romantic Times Booklovers’ Conference is going on right […]

Updates and Such

As you may have heard, Corvisiero Literary Agency is now closed to queries until January 5, 2015 for the holidays. I will be reading through my queries and responding to all as well as catching up on partials and full manuscripts I am still considering. Right now, I’ve responded to queries sent through September 26. […]

Pretty New Website

It’s been quite some time since I lasted posted, but I was in a snaggle with trying to redesign my website. I finally have the finished product. What that means is I am transitioning away from Blogger and back to WordPress. Ultimately, I will be moving the old posts and putting them up here, but […]