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Just a brief update. I am working through March 3 queries. I still have Fulls from the end of last year. I should be getting through those this week.

And to give you an idea of what I’m seeing:

YA that “s not really YA – 3 queries in the last week. Rejections. I don’t represent adult, except for Adult Historical Romance. Calling you manuscript YA tells me that you don’t know your genre. Sorry

YA Fantasy: almost all the queries I’ve received have been fantasy. Several have been more High Fantasy but the premise wasn’t unique. It felt similar to fantasy already out in the market. With Paranormal and Dystopian becoming less appealing to editors, many authors are querying fantasy. It’s as tough a market as the others. The premise has to be unique, guys.

MG fantasy : 2 queries in the last week. I’m considering these for further review. Nothing that just grabbed my gut the way I wanted, but interesting enough that I’ll take a deeper look at the queries and sample pages.

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