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On the iPod this morning : Rumor Has It by Adele

So as I recover from a fantastic time at Romantic Times Convention in NOLA, I thought I’d post some things learned in the Big Easy. Thoughts and ideas gained from those top of the industry. And just some crazy things that can only happen in New Orleans.


1.) It is very possible to spend more money on food than alcohol in New Orleans.


2.) Trying Absinthe sounds like more fun than actually drinking the milky, greenish liquor.


3.) The line at Starbucks was ungodly long and the tiny complimentary coffee in the hotel was only enough to lift one eyelid open.

4.) Introducing my self to editors and talking to them  – check.

5.) M/M and LGBTQ works are becoming more visible, but indie authors were separated from the traditional authors at the bookfair, causing even more confusion.

6.) Sarah J Maas is the sweetest person, and if Jennifer Lawrence quit acting, Sarah could totally play Katniss and Mystique. Just saying.

7.) I do not like big crowds in sweaty, tight spaces.

8.) One word – Scandal. I want a romantic suspense that has the feels of Scandal.

9.) The buzz is alternating points of view and first person points of view for romance.

10.) Sports themes in manuscripts is hot, both in LBGTQ and m/f romance. Bring on the David Beckham/ Apolo Ohno heroes.

11.) The Misadventures of the Streetcar Ride toward the Garden District. After being accosted by a strange man, we climb on the street car, ride about 15 minutes, told to get off, get on a bus for another 15 minutes, then told to get off and THEN get back on the street car.


12.) Gunshots on Canal. It was scary and the scene was like in a movie. People running away. So glad I was on the corner of Bourbon and Canal and not at the epicenter.

13.) Corvisiero Literary Agency’s client Damon Suede can really dance.

14.) Prizes and books are better at RT.

15.) Taking pitches can be just as nervous for the agent, especially a new agent, as it is for the author.


16.) Rhythm on the streets, everywhere.    rhythm

17.) By Saturday your feet and calves are rebelling, and your phone battery hates you and taunts you with half full bars before dying.

18.) But to end it all Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters tease on Twitter that they’re somewhere in the French Quarter, and you force your weary feet out on a mission to find them. And you’re rewarded with an impromptu Foo concert in front of Pat O’ Briens.

dave2        dave

Quick update: I am up to March 7th in queries and still reading through requested material from #NestPitch and the Adult/NA Twitter pitch party. I will be reading this weekend and hope to respond to all requested material by Monday. Yes, I will be working from the pool on Memorial Day. Have a great weekend!








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