New Paths

One of my favorite poems of all time is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. In fact, Robert Frost is my most favorite American poet – see the Outsiders and Stay Gold.

While Frost speaks of the one fork before him in the poem, in truth he shows us the metaphor for life, because life is filled with hundreds of forks, thousands of opportunities and possibilities. Sometimes we stay along the path we know, the path more clear and worn before us. We stay on the familiar trail. Sometimes I like the ease of familiarity but sometimes I love the challenge of change and the growth that comes with it and within me.

I’m reflecting on The Road Not Taken today as I bid farewell to cherished and amazing colleagues, friends and mentors at that very fork, at my first agency, and diverge on the second path before me. One just as grassy and bright but a new trail to explore. A new adventure at a new agency with new colleagues, mentors and friends. 

Stay tuned for another exciting announcement to come! And I hope to see you along the new road.

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