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The Kick-Ass Heroine vs. The Meek, Yet Strong Protector Heroine

(Originally posted to Blogger on 2/1/2013)

It’s only fair, after devoting 3 posts to the Hero, that the ladies should get some equal posting time.

When I mention kick-ass heroine, I imagine most envision this…..


Or this…..   

I think of this…..

So what qualities make up the K-A Heroine?

1.) They don’t need no stinkin’ man, at least they’ve started out thinking that. They’re quite capable of stealing Death Star plans and smuggling them off their ship under attack. Or infiltrating an evil spy organization at the same time working as a double agent to help the CIA. Or surviving the jungle, or a televised death match, or demon spike-haired vampires infesting their high school.

2.)They’ve got some wicked Dos that say I’m perfectly coifed to kick some alien, spy, jungle butt.

3.) Leather is never optional; it’s required.

4.) They’ve had some kind of training. Whether it’s in espionage, deathmatch bootcamp, fugative on the run, or inert latent jedi mind-tricks.

5.) They never pout or put their hands on their hips to get their way. They take what they want, even if it leads them into a smelly, monster infested trash-compactor. Never argue with the K-A Heroine. The hero must understand, she knew exactly what she was doing.

6.) She puts others first, her life is last thing she’s concerned with. The cause is greater. She’d rather die than expose a rebel base or let the governement make her kill her hunger games partner for “ratings.”

7.) Don’t let her tough exterior fool you. She is wrought with emotions, usually of the conflicting sort. Does she choose the bloodsucker over the sensible vampire hunter, does she choose the annoying, prying reporter for the CIA handler. But nine-times out of ten she falls for the smirking anti-hero with a blaster by his side, because she sees in him her greatest challenge, making him have a change of heart.

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