After her mother is found in a coma-like trance, seventeen-year-old Sarah Armstrong will do anything to save her.

Sarah moves in with her aunt because she wants to be close to her mom, locked in Midport’s psychiatric ward. Believing something in her mother’s childhood caused the condition, Sarah is determined to unearth clues about the past. What she didn’t expect to find – down every abandoned alley, every moonlit cemetery path, every dark roadway – is Caleb Smith, pretentious lead singer of the Dragons and melancholy king of the In crowd.

As Sarah unlocks the past’s dark secrets, she is lured deeper into Caleb’s world. She not only attracts his attention but that of a sinister demon. Every time Caleb saves Sarah from a deadly attack, she chips away the bad-boy’s façade to find something more than a reluctant hero – a renegade angel. But losing her heart to Caleb may cost Sarah more than just her soul. She could lose her mother as well.