Character Workshop July 20- July 31

Creating Compelling Characters that Move Your Plot or Become a Character Ninja


I might have mentioned this is going to be my first workshop, and so working out kinks is part of that. I realized that maybe a month is a bit too long. So the workshop will only be two weeks. This means registration is extended until July 19th. I also realized that I was sort of fishing for a good price – this workshop is chocked with loads of info and skills and techniques and take-aways – and similar workshops conferences would have been priced similarly. So, I’ve lowered the price to $40. Also the registration and Paypal link might have been cumbersome, so if you are interested in taking the class shooting me a message through the website’s contact page. I will then send a link for payment and link to Haiku Learning.

You will still get the same information, just condensed. I am still offering a critique of your character arc – this is a character building workshop, and sometimes it helps to see where your character is missing the mark, and ultimately failing your plot and vice versa.

I am still offering First 10 pages critique, but at $10 instead of $25. Seats are limited to the first 20 participants.

If you have questions please contact me HERE


Once you’re registered, I will send information.

I am excited to announce that I am presenting a month long TWO WEEK online workshop. That’s right. An entire four weeks TWO WEEKS of information, interaction, homework, and critique.

The weeks will be broken-down into discussions on the Basic Elements, Building a Hero/Heroine, Building A Worthy Antagonist/Villain, and Using Character to Build Your Plot.

This class is designed for authors at every level of writing, whether you are just starting and have only an idea of the story you want to tell, to the more experienced author who wants to use the course to take their draft to the ready for publication level. No matter what genre you write in, you will learn writing craft tools to help you.

Throughout the four weeks two weeks you will have an opportunity to receive feedback from me and fellow classmates. There will be assignments that contain the work we have covered and will help you discover your characters. There will also be daily discussion boards for questions and conversations. At the end of the workshop, you will have the chance to submit a synopsis or beat sheet as well as a character study for critique and analysis from me.

This workshop is entirely online, so you can read each days’ lessons and posts at your leisure. There will be scheduled live discussions. If you can’t attend, you can always post questions and I will answer.



Cheers! Can’t wait to see you in class.