UPDATE: We are moving to QueryManager. I will only accept queries through this form: QueryMe.Online/CateHart

Any unsolicited query not sent through QueryManager will be deleted.

Please review the Corvisiero Literary Agency website for detailed submission guidelines. Because, as an author too, I believe in a personalized response, you can expect an answer in 6-8 weeks.

I do not ask for an exclusive, but please let me know if you have requests with other agents or are under consideration from an editor. And if at any time you receive an offer of representation or publication notify me. And yes you can send notice of offers through QueryManager and I will see them!!

***Please note all previous QueryManager event submission links have been closed. For requested material from online pitch contests please watch for pinned tweets with instructions. Requests from conferences and other online events will be provided instructions at time of event.***

There are hundreds of websites, online workshops and resources to help you create the best query. I highly recommend checking those resources out. Some of the top websites include :

QueryShark – Literary Agent Janet Reid’s query blog

Books Ends – unfortunately the Book Ends agents no longer blog, but the archives are full of excellent query letter advice

Daphne Unfeasible – Literary Agent Kate Testerman’s blog

PubRants – Literary Agent Kristen Nelson’s blog on queries, publishing, ect

The same is true for synopsis. There are dozen’s of online resources. When I read a synopsis, I am looking for tight plot development, character arcs, stakes, conflict and a satisfying resolution for your story. Don’t leave out the most important parts, but don’t include every minute detail. In essence, show me how your story matters and what sets it apart.

Your sample pages should be the first five of your manuscript. If you’re starting with a prologue, keep in mind is this the best place to start my story, am I introducing the main character, am I setting up the promise of the premise? If you answered no, rethink that prologue.