Updates & Announcement

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What’s on the radio – Lightning 100 and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson First a little update. I am up to April 1st in the query box. I do still have a considering file wi... Read More

Conference Season

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What’s on the iPod – Congregation by the Foo Fighters Today’s long over due post was sparked after a Twitter conversation with my author-buddy Erica Rodgers after I retweeted fellow... Read More


Just a little update and a post coming soon. I am up to July 24th in the queries. I have several that I am still considering. I also have several requested partials and fulls I hope to read over this ... Read More

Time For An Update

I am up to May 2 in queries. If you haven’t received a response and queried before that time, then I am still considering your work. If you have accepted representation from another agent, pleas... Read More

Before You Hit Send v.6

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  Follow-up on the last post about Magical Realism. Editor Kelly Jensen had this awesome POST describing what MR is and some excellent YA titles that represent the genre.   I received an em... Read More

Before You Hit Send v.5

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This morning I’m listening to sound of silence as all the kiddos in the house, mine and my niece, are still asleep after my brother took them to the pool for five hours yesterday. It’s won... Read More

Only in New Orleans

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On the iPod this morning : Rumor Has It by Adele So as I recover from a fantastic time at Romantic Times Convention in NOLA, I thought I’d post some things learned in the Big Easy. Thoughts and ... Read More