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    Happy 2016!

    What’s on iTunes: Nothing to Lose from the Empire soundtrack Happy 2016!   In with new, out with the old. This last year has been a busy one. I sold the first client I signed’s Contemporary Romance in a three-book deal to Sourcebooks.and it’s my second full year year as an agent. Unfortunately, with more things to do, I had less time to write posts. So I thought with the new year, I’d see what you’d like to see as posts. I’m hoping to start a monthly series on branding and marketing for authors in today’s market. So that’s coming soon. This year I am attending Romantic Times in Las Vegas…

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    Happy Release Day

    It’s New Release Tuesday!! Client Kaylie Newell‘s second in her Wolfe Creek series, Hunter of her Heart is out today from Entangled Covet. Congrats Kaylie!   Hunter of Her Heart by Kaylie Newell Kindle | Nook Wolfe Creek Series Book 2 …to love a bad boy is to love the beast inside him…Bad boy Zane Hunter has always been wild and reckless, but lately, he’s been changing in strange ways. He begins to wonders if there’s truth to Wolfe Creek’s folklore that claims his family is cursed to be werewolves. Candi Brooks has always craved Zane and his intense, dark sex appeal. But after her life changes dramatically, she can’t…

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    Character Building Workshop

    What’s on iTunes: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans by Harry Connick Jr. I’ve been asked in Agent Interviews before what really draws me into a story. The one thing that makes me request more pages from an author. I’ve even mentioned in my submission wishlists what I’m really looking for. And it all comes down to compelling characters. When I look at the books that have moved me the most, it’s those with unforgettable characters accomplishing amazing things. And I will be the first to admit I ship book boyfriends hard core, from Jace Wayland and Will Herondale to Jon Snow and Gilbert Blythe and James Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.…

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    Read, Read, and Read Some More

    What’s on the iPod – Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars You’ve probably heard it a million times, from best-selling authors like Stephen King to Judy Blume to George R.R. Martin. Above all the other pieces of advice they give to writers, it’s this: READ, and read widely. Today, I’m going to tell you why this really is the BEST advice every author can gain. Okay, I see you rolling your eyes and saying, “But Cate, I do read. At least when I can, in between posting all over social media, between writing pages, between deadlines, between fixing dinner and putting little ones to bed.” BUT are you reading with a critical eye?…

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    Updates & Announcement

    What’s on the radio – Lightning 100 and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson First a little update. I am up to April 1st in the query box. I do still have a considering file with queries from January on. I do still have partials and fulls from December. I will be reading through those in the next few days. Now for a little announcement. I am offering a month long online writing course! I’m synthesizing a few workshops I’ve presented at Killer Nashville and for the Music City Romance Writers group, plus adding tons more I have picked up over the years. The course is intended to introduce…

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    Conference Season

    What’s on the iPod – Congregation by the Foo Fighters Today’s long over due post was sparked after a Twitter conversation with my author-buddy Erica Rodgers after I retweeted fellow Corvisiero Agent Sara Negovetich’s blog post (HERE) about professionalism in querying. Tis the season for Conferences. In fact, Romantic Times Booklovers’ Conference is going on right now in Dallas. RWA National Conference is in a little over 2 months in New York. There’s also local conferences for me like Midsouth SCBWI and Killer Nashville Mystery Writers’ Conference, and so, so, so many more regionally across the US. I thought a little post on conference etiquette and such would be useful. A few things…

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    Updates and Such

    As you may have heard, Corvisiero Literary Agency is now closed to queries until January 5, 2015 for the holidays. I will be reading through my queries and responding to all as well as catching up on partials and full manuscripts I am still considering. Right now, I’ve responded to queries sent through September 26. I do still have several from before that time in my “Further Consideration” folder. I also hope to respond to these before the end of the year. And expect a year end post…coming soon. Wishing all of you a fantastic Holiday Season and Happy New Year.  

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    Just a little update and a post coming soon. I am up to July 24th in the queries. I have several that I am still considering. I also have several requested partials and fulls I hope to read over this weekend. Happy October!

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    Time For An Update

    I am up to May 2 in queries. If you haven’t received a response and queried before that time, then I am still considering your work. If you have accepted representation from another agent, please send along a note to query@corvisieroagency.com so I can remove you from the queue. I also have several requested full and partial manuscripts to read through, but clients’ work does take precedence.

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    Before You Hit Send v.6

      Follow-up on the last post about Magical Realism. Editor Kelly Jensen had this awesome POST describing what MR is and some excellent YA titles that represent the genre.   I received an email from one of my readers asking for a post on what New Adult is. Let me first start with what it is not. New Adult is not: Erotic romance with characters just out of high school or entering college. (Some may challenge me on this) For the moment, it is not any other genre or category but contemporary. (But with NA growing and selling well that may change) What New Adult is: It’s a gray area, really, still being defined. But the…