I focus mainly on Young Adult and Middle Grade novel length commercial fiction. I will also consider select New Adult, Historical Romance, and Mysteries. In YA, NA, and Adult I do prefer stories with strong romantic elements, or even better, a heart-pounding romance.

Let me first state what I am NOT looking to represent.

  • Women’s Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays
  • Anthologies
  • Novellas
  • BDSM
  • Serial Killer Mysteries/Thrillers
  • Adult Fiction other than Historical Romance or Cozy Mysteries
  • Dystopian

What I’d love to find in the Querybox.

  • Historical Fantasy in MG, YA or Romance
  • Steampunk, Clockpunk, Candlepunk. ALL OF IT.
  • Middle Grade Mystery like the old series The Three Investigators.
  • Middle Grade, or even YA, adventure, something that reminds me of Stand By Me or the Explorers or Goonies. Something that’s not only the adventure of a life time but about the balance and dynamics of friendship and growing up.
  • Epic fantasy YA in the vein of Sarah J Maas or Julie Kagawa or give me Jon Snow’s story without being too much like Game of Thrones
  • I’d love a humorous New Adult set in a crappy industry, think Waiting or Go with strong romantic elements.
  • Magical Realism in YA or NA. I want Clueless meets Practical Magic.
  • In Historical Romance I am particularly drawn to Eighteenth Century Scotland and France. Victorian England and The Gilded Age of America. The American and French Revolutions. I’d love to find something along the lines of Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie.
  • I love classic retellings. Shakespeare, Poe, Austen, Dickens, Grimm. Something unique with a vibrant voice, think Marissa Meyer’s Cinder or Bethany Griffin’s Masque of the Red Death.
  • Select YA and NA LGBTQ. Bonus points for historical fantasy or mystery.