Claire grew up hopping the pond between Alaska and Scotland, and has the privilege of calling both magnificent places her home. Though currently enjoying life in Vermont, she would love to move back to the home of her heart, Scotland, with the occasional foray back to Alaska. Right now, she is content to stay in Vermont with her lovely boyfriend and two cats (and hopefully some dogs soon!).
Claire is a 2014 graduate of the University of Alaska Southeast with a degree in Social Science, with an emphasis in history, archaeology and anthropology. Driven by her fascination and affinity for Greek history and mythology, she has sought to breathe new life to the forgotten and often underappreciated Greek myths. Much to the frustration of her archaeology professors and mentors, she would often focus on Greek archaeology over themes or subjects close to home. This has allowed her to give depth and historical accuracy to her retelling of Greek myths through the eyes of a young woman in a time and society where women are allowed few liberties.