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    Deal Announcements

    Two new deals in two and half weeks! YAY #TeamCate’sRockstars! Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace announcements. Congrats to Maxym and Leila! And keep checking back for more news from the fantabulous authors of #TeamCate’sRockstars

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    Exclamation Points! Oh My!

    What’s on Spotify: #Throwback Thursday – Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds So I thought today would be a good today to talk a bit about exclamation points. In recent submissions and requested material I’ve been seeing a LOT of them. Overused. One of the first craft and grammar rules I picked up was to watch the use of exclamation points. It’s one of the first signs of first draft or beginning writer syndromes. As I type up my thoughts at the same time I am texting with friends for plans tonight, and noticed something. We’re using lots of exclamation points to convey our excitement because we’re texting…

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    Query Manager, YAY!

    Today as an agency we have moved over to Query Manager for all our queries. Currently I am closed to unsolicited queries, but when I reopen, you’ll be able to send your query here: QueryMe.Online/CateHart I’m sure some of you still have material I’ve requested yet to send, or may receive an online twitter pitch request, in that case you may still submit through this form: QueryMe.online/CateHart/REQ  

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    Wow, it’s already almost April and that means conference time! I will be attending the Romantic Times Convention in Atlanta again this year. I hope to see you there. A little bit of awesome news! #TeamCorvisiero author Andie J. Christopher in part of a fantastic anthology about a sexy hockey team, with a portion of royalties going to an amazing charity benefitting our veterans, hit the USA Today Bestsellers’ list! Congrats Andie!!   And don’t miss out on Kasey Lane’s second release Beautiful Mess from Sourcebooks Casablanca. It steamy contemporary romance set in the Portland music scene and featuring my favorite kind of bad boy – a tattooed-up drummer….  …

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    Happy 2016!

    What’s on iTunes: Nothing to Lose from the Empire soundtrack Happy 2016!   In with new, out with the old. This last year has been a busy one. I sold the first client I signed’s Contemporary Romance in a three-book deal to Sourcebooks.and it’s my second full year year as an agent. Unfortunately, with more things to do, I had less time to write posts. So I thought with the new year, I’d see what you’d like to see as posts. I’m hoping to start a monthly series on branding and marketing for authors in today’s market. So that’s coming soon. This year I am attending Romantic Times in Las Vegas…

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    Updates & Announcement

    What’s on the radio – Lightning 100 and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson First a little update. I am up to April 1st in the query box. I do still have a considering file with queries from January on. I do still have partials and fulls from December. I will be reading through those in the next few days. Now for a little announcement. I am offering a month long online writing course! I’m synthesizing a few workshops I’ve presented at Killer Nashville and for the Music City Romance Writers group, plus adding tons more I have picked up over the years. The course is intended to introduce…

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    Time For An Update

    I am up to May 2 in queries. If you haven’t received a response and queried before that time, then I am still considering your work. If you have accepted representation from another agent, please send along a note to query@corvisieroagency.com so I can remove you from the queue. I also have several requested full and partial manuscripts to read through, but clients’ work does take precedence.

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    Before You Hit Send v.6

      Follow-up on the last post about Magical Realism. Editor Kelly Jensen had this awesome POST describing what MR is and some excellent YA titles that represent the genre.   I received an email from one of my readers asking for a post on what New Adult is. Let me first start with what it is not. New Adult is not: Erotic romance with characters just out of high school or entering college. (Some may challenge me on this) For the moment, it is not any other genre or category but contemporary. (But with NA growing and selling well that may change) What New Adult is: It’s a gray area, really, still being defined. But the…

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    Just a brief update before I head down to the Big Easy for the Romantic Times Conference. I will be taking pitches on Thursday from 11-12, so sign up if you haven’t already. As of Saturday I was still reading through queries from March 6. I am also reading through requested material both from several pitch contests and those requested from the Querybox. Have a fantastic Mother’s Day! And if you’re going to New Orleans this week, I hope to see you there!  

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    Updates And All

    What’s on the iPod : Happy by Pharrell Williams – Love that song. Just a brief update. I am working through March 3 queries. I still have Fulls from the end of last year. I should be getting through those this week. And to give you an idea of what I’m seeing: YA that “s not really YA – 3 queries in the last week. Rejections. I don’t represent adult, except for Adult Historical Romance. Calling you manuscript YA tells me that you don’t know your genre. Sorry YA Fantasy: almost all the queries I’ve received have been fantasy. Several have been more High Fantasy but the premise wasn’t unique. It felt…