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    Before You Hit Send

    (Originally posted on 8/18/2013) So as I crank a little Imagine Dragon’s It’s Time, I feel it’s time to post some things I’ve seen in the Query Box recently, those troubling trends that as a polished author you should fix before, you know, you hit send. A trend that is still making me cringe, despite numerous debates from other established agents and editors who have mentioned the downside, is the dreaded PROLOGUE. Now let me first say, that as an author, I once had the despised prologue opening my first manuscript. I learned quickly that it just wasn’t necessary. I will tell you the reasons so you can learn from mistakes, because as…

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    Bad Boy vs. the Anti-Hero part 1

    This was originally published on Blogger 8/16/2011 What’s on iTunes : Awakening by Switchfoot   Last weekend a Twitter conversation had me thinking all week. Author Gwen Hayes was reminiscing about the good ole days of Days…Days of Our Lives…and the resident 80s bad boys Bo Brady and Steve “Patch” Johnson. They were so bad that they were sworn enemies, that is until Bo’s sister Kayla changed Patch for good. (Hence the reason I loved Patch and Kayla more than Bo and Hope). Days’ resident bad boys were the epitome of the term. They rode motorcycles, carried switchblades, lived on boats and in lofts, kidnapped their love interests, fought dirty,…

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    The Anit-Hero vs. the Bad Boy part 2

    Originally published on Blogger 8/23/2011. Unfortunately the original comments can’t be transferred, but you can always add new comments. What’s on the iPod : Beat the Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Last Saturday I posted about one of our favorite characters, the Bad Boy, and what makes him tick, that undeniable list of qualities that just about any bad boy I can think of has. Today, I want to address the misunderstood Anti-Hero and the possibility that he may be way badder and perhaps closer to our hearts. What got me thinking about the difference between these two character types was a google search for a Han Solo character analysis.…

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    The Bad Boy’s Ride

    This was originally posted on Blogger 11/5/2011 What’s on the iPod : Footloose by Blake Shelton This week I thought I would continue talking about the Bad Boy. Why? Because I love a Bad Boy dressed in leather, a little bit longer hair, and rebellion oozing from them like too much Drakkar Noir. Why not follow up with the Bad Boy’s ride. He gets around, and I don’t mean that in an innuedo kind of way, well okay, maybe. He’s a guy that’s driven by purpose and that purpose is usully dragging him some where. So how does he get from Point A to Point B? Let’s examine those drool…

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    Pretty New Website

    It’s been quite some time since I lasted posted, but I was in a snaggle with trying to redesign my website. I finally have the finished product. What that means is I am transitioning away from Blogger and back to WordPress. Ultimately, I will be moving the old posts and putting them up here, but unfortunately, I will loose any original comments. Going forward, I hope to post weekly both on the craft-side of writing and the agenting life.